Brooklyn Bread Lab


About Us


Because carbs are everything and bread is good again.


The Brooklyn Bread Lab boasts the largest stone mill in the Northeast and allows head baker, Leah Morrow to spread her passion and knowledge while contributing to what is now known as the “grain revolution” and sweeping across the U.S. The lab offers classes on bread-making, pasta making and pizza making to educate consumers on where their grains come from and why it is important to know. Top chefs including Alon Shaya of Shaya and Rick Easton of Bread and Salt Bakery have traveled to The Brooklyn Bread Lab for residences and have begun incorporating the bakery's tactics into their own work.

We continue to spread this mantra at the new restaurant in The Williamsburg Hotel, Harvey, featuring a grain and vegetable-focused menu and building upon the success of Brooklyn Bread Lab. Chef Kevin Chun will focus on freshly milled grains for pastas, breads and cakes to educate travelers carbs can be our friend again!  




You should roll with us and bake with the best.